Sora Saud

Sora Saud believes in the unique. She believes in the trendsetters, the risk-takers, the uncommon individuals who, like her, exist by virtue of being different.

It’s this vision that inspires Sora to explore new cultures and create experiences brimming with self-discovery. Raised in Saudi Arabia, Sora embraces individuality born from honoring the traditions of the past while embracing the possibilities of the future. Her mother, Princess Alia, a talented artisan and single mother of two, introduced Sora to the thrill of exploration. Sora learned that curiosity sparks adventure and remarkable wonder lies in the unexpected. At the same time, Sora learned the importance of education. Sora found inspiration through her mother’s relentless pursuit of learning, but also through the revolutionary work of her grandfather, King Abdullah, Saudi’s former king and equal rights advocate who expanded educational reforms, opened employment opportunities and gave women the right to vote.

Sora studied at Saudi’s Effat University and holds a degree in psychology from American University. She divides her time between Saudi Arabia, Europe, and Washington D.C. and continues to seek out the world’s hidden mystery. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Sora has made it her mission to make a meaningful impact on communities both inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. Amongst her many accomplishments, Sora has been named an Honorary Ambassador to the Mentor Foundation and in partnership with her husband, HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Talal Al Saud, established the Ahyaha Foundation whose primary mission is paving the way to a better, more sustainable tomorrow by providing a formal model of entrepreneurship in the sector of human development.

No matter what culture, Sora invites everyone to embark on the extraordinary adventure to discover the people you admire, the products you love and places that define you.